Venturis Clinic | 5 Reasons You Need Acupuncture Therapy Now
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5 Reasons You Need Acupuncture Therapy Now

Acupuncture therapy is an ancient medicinal practice that involves placing tiny needles into pressure points and never areas. It has been proven to relieve many forms of chronic pain. If you need relief from the chronic pain of an injured area, acupuncture may help you. Here are five major issues that acupuncture is known to help with.

  1. Chronic Neck Pain

Studies have shown acupuncture to be a cost-effective method of controlling chronic neck pain. The needles can be placed all around the neck and head in tension areas to unblock the energy and allow circulation to flow again. It has been shown to be more effective than traditional massage and manual manipulation methods.

Acupuncture can help relieve those tension areas in the head
  • Headaches and Migraines

Acupuncture may offer an option other than medication to treat migraines. A 2016 study showed its effectiveness against placebo treatments. Acupuncture can help relieve those tension areas in the head, allowing them to relax and ease headaches. It can also help stop a migraine attack when it is occurring. It is a more cost-effective method than medications or Botox. The muscles and skin on your head are also very thin, making massage relief difficult.

  • Chronic Back Pain

If you are concerned about invasive surgeries to treat your lower back pain, then acupuncture may help you. It is minimally invasive and involves very small needles being placed in your lower back. These needles are placed in pressure points to relieve the tension and inflammation in your lower back. A recent review found at least 22 studies showing the effectiveness of acupuncture on lower back pain.

  • Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by many injuries and conditions. The symptoms of a knee injury can be managed with acupuncture. The needles can increase circulation in the area, allowing settled fluid to move out of the injured area. The insertion of needles may also signal the body’s nervous system to release chemicals that heal the area, bringing back vital blood flow.

  • Arthritis

Acupuncture can improve your arthritis by aiding in the release of tension in the injured area. The stiff joints can regain some motion after acupuncture. A study in 2014 found that patients with osteoarthritis found slight pain relief from acupuncture.

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