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Epidural Injections

This is Dr. Alvin Philipose and today I'm going to be talking about epidural steroid injections. Epidurals have been in medicine for years, and it is the go to for orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. It provides anesthesia, especially for people that are going through surgeries and pain conditions.

At our office, our patients are used to seeing it for various spinal conditions, or severe types of pain. Typically, they are used to get steroids into the system, along with other pain medications. The anesthesiologist will inject the steroids into a space in the spine to alleviate pain.

Now, the idea of steroids is to also mix that with other medications and it kind of coats the nerve roots, the spinal cord, the area of the disc, especially surrounding the tissue to decrease inflammation and reduces the activity of your body's immune system to keep producing an inflammation. Epidurals can help alleviate pain, but at the same time, it's not a cure at all, and a lot of times it's not a fix. For example, if you have a lumbar disc, let's say the L5 S1 disc is herniated, epidural is meant to decrease the inflammation in there, therefore, decreasing the sciatic type of symptoms.

There are three areas that they inject one that's called a transforaminal injection, which is in the epidural space itself, you can do an intralaminar injection, which is the space in between the wall of the vertebra and the
space between the adjacent vertebral laminate itself. You can also do what they call a caudal injection, which is where the needle is placed into the area below the lumbar spine into the sacral area called the sacral hiatus.

Immediate success rate is sometimes somewhere up to 54%. Some patients will see significant improvements. But over the course of time, those injections don't hold up very well. And typically they'll do a total anywhere from three to five injections.

In the lumbar spine. Same thing, it's about a 50% improvement sometimes but the more your work and the more you do things, that is where the steroids actually failed. There are quite a bit of complications and risks that you should look for which one is infection. Another is nerve damage, bleeding, Dural puncture, or the fluid kind of leaks and causes damage to the spinal cord. Headaches, nausea, weight gain, flushing of the face and insomnia are also prevalent.

I actually encourage people to look at prolotherapy as a second option. That option is more natural and actually going directly to the cause. Over a period of time Prolotherapy can cause stabilization so that patients won't have any type of side effects from the solutions and they can go about their work. In conjunction with things like spinal decompression, chiropractic and, dry needling, patients will see a significant improvement in their lower back pain or neck pain. For more information, you can call at 405-848-7246 for more information

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