Welcome to the Venturis site map. We’ve created this page as a portal by which you can conveniently access any area of our website simply by clicking one of the links below. Additionally, we’ve provided a short description of each of our pages so that you can quickly determine your selection by the topics mentioned. If you have any questions that can’t be answered from the content of our website, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff at our clinic who will be happy to assist your particular needs or query. Our staff can be reached directly by calling our phone number at the top of the page or by completing a request for contact HERE.


Homepage – The main page of our website where you can learn about our overall services and commitment to our patients throughout Oklahoma and the United States.

Treatments – Easily find the treatment that suits your health requirement from the images and brief descriptions of our service offering on this page.

Acupuncture – We offer acupuncture treatment at our clinic which helps to restore the energy flow throughout the body in a self-healing way. Find out more here.

Chiropractic Treatment – Learn about our chiropractic services and how our doctors can help to alleviate your neck pain, back pain, arthritis and other types of body pain.

Prolozone Ligament Repair – Information about our Prolozone ligament repair through injection and how it can help to ease chronic joint and ligament pain.

PRP Injection Therapy – Our PRP injection therapy services help support the body’s natural healing process for knee/shoulder pain, ACL injuries and much more.

Spinal Decompression Therapy – Another non-surgical treatment our doctors perform on patients for back and spine pain is spinal decompression therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy with Amniotic Fluid – For patients who need their connective tissue, ligaments or muscle repaired, our stem cell therapy with amniotic fluid is an ideal choice.

Stem Cell Therapy with Bone Marrow – Our stem cell therapy treatment utilizing bone marrow assists an assortment of body pain relief and also in cartilage regeneration.

Trigger Point Therapy with Sarapin – Our treatment for overly-tense muscles and their pain is trigger point therapy with Sarapin injection directly into the muscle tissue.

Indications – Various indications and ailments of the body and what they can mean in terms of treatment and how to alleviate the pain or discomfort.

Videos – Our videos page allows you to watch various segments that relate to our treatment procedures and services we offer to patients.

Testimonials – A resource that is constantly growing, our testimonials page includes actual word-for-word accounts from patients of Venturis Clinic.

Patient Info – Patient information page for actual patients of Venturis Clinic.

About Dr. Philipose, DC – Here you can learn about Dr. Philipose, DC and his experience, credentials and commitment to Venturis patients.

About Dr. Kaufman, MD – Information about Dr. Kaufman, including his medical field of expertise and roles he oversees at Venturis Clinic.

About Us – Our page dedicated to the staff and physicians of Venturis Clinic and why we may be the right choice for your pain relief needs.

Contact Us – Our map location, address, phone number and contact form. Get in touch with our staff quickly from the resources on this page.