Venturis Clinic | Trigger Point Injections for Bulging Discs
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Trigger Point Injections for Bulging Discs

A bulging spinal disc is very painful and may make your daily routine difficult to manage. You may not even know that you have a bulging disc, as they can have no symptoms. This injury can come on suddenly from everyday tasks like lifting a heavy box or a minor accident. Trigger point injections can alleviate some of your chronic pain. These injections involve a very small needle being inserted into the injured, hardened nerve bundle called a trigger point. Dry needling or injections of Sarapin are used to heal and inactivate the trigger point, leading to pain relief from your bulging disc.

What Is a Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc is commonly referred to as a herniated disc. A disc is the soft, cushiony area between your spinal vertebras. When you slip this disc out of place, it becomes herniated, and soft tissue bulges out of its hard exterior. This can cause irritation to the nerves in that area, leading to pain and numbness or weakness in your limbs. These tears occur from gradual, age-related wear on the joints called disc degeneration. Your spinal discs lose water as you age, making them less flexible and prone to tear from minor sprains or accidents. The hard exterior becomes softer, less able to adapt to stretching.

A bulging disc is commonly referred to as a herniated disc

What Is a Trigger Point Injection and How Does It Work?

Triggers points are areas in the muscles that are focal points of local pain. Repeated injury to an area can eventually lead to the formation of trigger points, leading to chronic pain. A doctor can feel the area for a hard lump of muscle fibers where nerves have bunched up, creating a trigger point. Trigger point injections involve the repeated insertion of a needle into the tense area with small injections of Sarapin, a safe and natural plant botanical solution that stimulates tissue healing. Sarapin works by blocking the release of pain signals and reducing inflammation from the injured area. Dry needling of the area is an alternative to injections with Sarapin and has been shown to reduce pain.  Dry needling trigger points will release potassium, which can disrupt nerve signals of pain and discomfort. This disruption can inactivate the trigger point, leading to relief from chronic pain.

Other Conditions That Could Benefit From Trigger Point Injections

Most patients Venturis Clinic treats with trigger point injections have fibromyalgia, a condition that amplifies pain signals to the brain. In addition to bulging discs, trigger point injections have been successful in treating lumbar stenosis, tension headaches, cervical neuralgia, migraine pain, and stress syndromes.

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